Welcome To RiskPoint360

A New World Of Insurance Risk Management

Your business efficiencies matter to us. While traditional underwriting primarily focuses on the type of law you practice, we also emphasize HOW you practice. 

With just a few minutes of your time, we create an in-depth assessment of your firm. 

By identifying the premium drivers of your insurance risk, we help you discover ways to minimize claims, gain insight into your business, and position your firm as a better risk option for our insurance partners.

Oops, almost forgot to mention – all our clients save TIME – most save $$$! 


How it works…

What you do...

  1. Take our quick (5…7 minutes tops) Discovery assessment.
  2. Go about your day – we do the rest!

What we do...

  1. Consolidate all available information; 
  2. Create a comprehensive risk analysis; 
  3. Provide all necessary information to our insurance partners; 
  4. Develop an overall business protection package based on our assessment;
  5. Email you with the MarinerPro RiskPoint360 Analysis; 
  6. Once you become a customer, we provide a simple, low-touch renewal process;
  7. Save you time.

What you receive...

MarinerPro RiskPoint360 Analysis includes:

  1. Industry benchmarks;
  2. Best practice recommendations;
  3. Potential impacts to your bottom line;
  4. Key risk factors influencing your insurance spend;
  5. One proposal with up to 5 lines of business protection – often with cost savings because you partner with MarinerPro.

Assessing Your Practice

The management of your law firm is critical for success. From personnel, office location, areas of law practiced, down to even the technology used – potential exposures threaten your law firm’s bottom line. No one understands this better than MarinerPro. Our expertise brings together industry changing analysis with comprehensive insurance protection. 

What's Your Destination?

Using our assessment and industry benchmarks, you can identify actionable steps to reduce risk and improve your practice. 

Relationships Matter

We work with premier insurance partners who understand the value of effective law firm management, identified through MarinerPro’s RiskPoint360 analysis. Because we value existing relationships, you can even retain your current insurance broker as part of your business risk advisory team.