Finally, protection the legal industry deserves...

Identify exposures. Navigate risk. Maximize business results.

MarinerPro's RiskPoint360 is that simple.

Plot the most strategic course to protect your reputation & avoid unnecessary headwinds.
Average Malpractice Claim Settlement

Your actions today impact tomorrow. RiskPoint360 helps you discover exposures and identify an actionable path towards improvements necessary to mitigate potential claims.

Of Claims Are Brought Against Small Law Firms

As economies shift, law firms become one of the most targeted businesses and see spikes in claims for Malpractice, Cyber, Workers Compensation & Employee Relations. MarinerPro will build the necessary protections – all in one place. 

"Pricing for all 5 lines of coverage my law needs and all I had to do was LITERALLY lift "a" finger. Sign me up!"
Relaxed Law Firm Client
"I never knew how vulnerable my business was, until seeing my RiskPoint360 Assessment."
Relieved Law Firm Client
"I didn't even feel like I was buying insurance. For the first time, I was given a tool to analyze my business and make informed decisions on how I was going to operate going forward."
More Profitable Law Firm Client

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